Pinacoteca del Tesoriere – Palazzo Patrizi 2
Pinacoteca del Tesoriere – Palazzo Patrizi

Art Gallery of the Treasurer – Palazzo Patrizi

Duration: one hour
Guided tour with exclusive opening

The Pinacoteca del Tesoriere is located inside Palazzo Patrizi, in the heart of Rome.

This seventeenth-century baroque private residence is well known as a residence of cardinals and popes who has kept its vocation as a venue for receptions of guests in style until today. Located between the Pantheon and Piazza Navona, the Pinacoteca del Tesoriere is not open to the public. All within its elegant spaces finds an exquisite collection of paintings and unique antiques.

The tour includes a visit to all the sales belonging to the Pinacoteca del Tesoriere frescoed by Raffaello Vanni, the intimate family chapel, the prestigious picture gallery which includes paintings from the school of Parmigianino, Correggio, Caravaggio and authentic works by unquestionable Masters such as Vasari, Maratta, Guercino, Pietro da Cortona, Albani, Passeri, the refined collection of period furniture, the picturesque cloister of the building and the suggestive Ballroom.

The same story of the Marquis Patrizi family is intertwined with the vicissitudes of the Roman, Tuscan and French aristocracy, and with the papacy, over the past four centuries, with the numerous events that are the starting points for historical and sociological research and study.