Vatican Museums

Duration: 3 hours

You will be met by our guide at the main entrance of the Vatican Museums and then once inside you will begin your tour of the spectacular and rich papal collections.

First you will visit the splendid Cortile della Pigna and you will go on to the Cortile Ottagono where in 1503 Pope Julius II displayed the Vatican’s first collection of Greek and Roman statues: the Apollo del Belvedere and the Laocoön.

Here you will also admire Canova’s marvelous sculptures of Perseo and Creugas and Damoxène and in the Sala delle Muse the famous Belvedere Torso.

Then you will be taken to the rich Pinacoteca Vaticana where you can admire masteprices such as Trittico Stefaneschi by Giotto, the frescoes by Melozzo da Forlì, the Trasfigurazione by Raphael, the San Girolamo by Leonardo, the Madonna col Bambino e santi by Titian, the Deposizione by Caravaggio.

Next you will visit the Galleria dei Candelabri, the Galleria degli Arazzi and the Galleria delle Carte Geografiche and finally you will see Raphael’s Rooms, the Sistine Chapel and the Borgia Apartment.