Ciao Roma

There are over a hundred comments under the post “CIAO ROMA” on the official Instagram account of Hoxton Hotel. Both guests and residents of the Eternal City are waiting for the famous hotel because it is more than just an overnight stay.

With a delay of one year, the 10-th hotel of the Hoxton brand will finally open its doors. Rumors were circulating from 2019, and the official opening was supposed to take place in the fall of 2020, however, due to the pandemic, the dates have shifted. The date has been finally announced a couple of weeks ago, so the event will be held on 10th of May.

Two steps away from The Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome and The Galleria Borghese Museum in the prestigious and residential Pinciano district, a new spot will appear on the cultural map of Rome.

The rooms and lobby, realized by Ennismore Design Studio, were inspired by the Italian style of seventies, successfully mixing parquet floors, bold pops of color and finely selected details in the interior. Some rooms will feature original Murano glass chandeliers. The curator of the project Maurizio Faraoni, in collaboration with Sebastien Brocandel, pays special attention to the selection of pieces of art to decorate the walls of the new hotel. These are paintings of such artists as Cy Twombly, Sol Lewitt, Jannis Kounellis, Giulio Paolini, who was inspired by Eternal City and passed here a period of their life.

Hoxon Hotel Rome

The large lobby space will have a fireplace and an open kitchen, which is also worth mentioning. With traditional Hoxton’s attention to details, the cuisine is managed by the team of the Restaurant & Micro Bakery Marigold, founded by the Danish-Italian couple: Danish baker Sofie Wochner and the Calabrian chef Domenico Cortese. The bar is called “Cugino” (Cousin), which is in harmony with the philosophy of Hoxton in the desire to turn the hotel into a place of dialogue between locals and guests of the capital.

“Cousin is a person, especially in Rome, who in some way always involved somehow in everything. Did break the car? Go to my cousin who is good to fix it. Do I want a coffee? Go to my cousin’s bar! ” – says Sofia.

The hotel offers four types of rooms (Shoebox, Cozy, Roomy, Biggy). The first two options are Doggy Friendly. Prices start from €150.

Address: Largo Benedetto Marcello, 220, 00198 Roma, Italy

Book your stay: https://thehoxton.com/rome/

Book your experience: https://thekeytorome.it



Ciao Roma, Hoxton Hotel
Olga Obukhovich

May 8, 2021