Campo dei Fiori and its artisans

During this itinerary you will visit the workshops of the goldsmiths Patrizia Corvaglia and Cristiana Perali and the Calzoleria Petrocchi.

Patrizia Corvaglia jewelry and art Via dei Banchi Nuovi, 45

“Patrizia Corvaglia’s Jewellery And Art” was established in Rome in 2002. A designer and a sculptor, Patrizia Corvaglia blends artistic elements and age-old goldsmithing techniques inherited from her family. All her creations, unique hand-crafted pieces, express a special Italian flair for creating jewellery that is rich in heritage and character, starting from plain, natural materials. Patrizia Corvaglia’s jewellery stems from a relentless contemporary stylistic research, and often feature the use of precious metals such as silver or aged silver and raw gemstones, such as aquamarines: design themes include natural ocean subjects, figurative baroque subjects or purely abstract artistic elements. Her collections have been showcased in recent years at several events and international art shows worldwide, and have been widely appreciated.

Cristiana Perali Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 60


Cristiana Perali creates unique jewels, crafted and finished by hand using traditional goldsmithing techniques such as “lost wax”, repoussé, chiseling and piercing saw as well as the most advanced CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) technologies. Mainly focusing on creating modern, contemporary designs,hile still following the principles of elegance, Cristiana Perali makes traditional jewellery as well. Her collections often feature precious metals alongside other materials, with contrasting glossy and matt surfaces: metals such as gold, silver or platinum are often used with other materials such as wood or gemstones, as well as with stained brilliants or other precious stones. The workshop also provides services of repair, modification or restoration of vintage jewellery as well as jewel appraisal. All Cristiana Perali’s jewels are unique pieces created at her Rome workshop.

Calzoleria Petrocchi Vicolo Sugarelli, 2

Calzoleria Petrocchi shoemaker was established in Rome on Via Sistina in 1946 from a concept by Tito Petrocchi. Since 2003 Daniela Ridolfi, the founder’s grandniece and current owner, has been carrying on the artisan shoemaking tradition and has been managing the business. Since 2008 this shoemaking establishment has enjoyed Marco Cecchi’s collaboration, an artisan boasting thirty years’ experience, who is in charge of techniques and production. The complex shoe manufacturing process is carried out exclusively by hand at the workshop, using the best Italian and foreign leather, employing “Goodyear” and “Norwegian” techniques, based on the styles included in our sample book. Our shoemaking business has collaborated with several movie and stage productions, making shoes for some of the most famous actors, such as Robert De Niro, Marcello Mastroianni, Audrey Hepburn or Kirk Douglas.

Recently the shoemaker’s archive has received from the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities the prestigious certification of “Historical Archive of 20th Century Fashion”.

After the visit of these workshops, with your private guide you will admire the Spada Gallery.

Spada Gallery

You will be met our specialised guide in the middle of Campo de’ Fiori beneath the famous statue of Giordano Bruno. Then you will be taken through Piazza Farnese to the Palazzo Spada. This building was built by Cardinal Girolamo Capodiferro in 1550 and then in 1632 it was bought by the Cardinal Spada.

In the courtyard you can admire the well-known Borromini Perspective, a fabulous work of trompe l’oeil consisting of a 9 meter long corridor that seems much longer thanks to a perspective trick.
The Gallery houses Cardinal Spada’s rich private collection including famous artist such as Carracci, Guido Reni, Tiziano, Domenichino, Tintoretto, Baciccia, Gentileschi, Passarotti, Parmigianino, Guercino.