Castel Sant’Angelo

Duration: 2 hours

You will be met by our specialised guide outside the main door of the Castle and then you will be taken through one of  Rome’s most famous monuments.

It was built at the same time as the Elio bridge by Emperor Hadrian in 130 A.D. as his and the Antonini’s mausoleum and then (later) Emperor Aurelian made it into a fortress and connected to the walls built by him for the defense of the city.

During the Renaissance, when it was the Pope’s residence it was transformed into luxurious apartments and then much later on it was used as barracks and a military prison.
Within the Castle you can visit the Chamber of the Urns which houses the ashes of Hadrian’s family.

You can also see the ancient prison cells, the weapons collection, paintings and sculptures.
On the 4th floor you can visit the papal apartments frescoes by Giulio Romano, Perin del Vaga and the other artists from Raphael’s school. On the 5th floor you can see the Bronze Angel Statue and you can enjoy a wonderful view of Rome from the Castle’s terrace.