Villa Adriana a Tivoli 4
Villa Adriana a Tivoli3
Villa Adriana a Tivoli

Discovering the Villa of the Emperor Hadrian in Tivoli

Duration: 2 hours

Villa Adriana is one of the highest and most articulated testimonies of the constructive genius of the Romans. A complete sample of architectural ‘inventions’, from the shape of the roofs to that of the buildings, which did not follow rigid symmetries but were designed to amaze, creating surprising views and perspectives.

The Villa was spread over an area of at least 120 hectares in a green area rich in water, near Tivoli, 28 km from Rome, on the tufaceous banks that extend at the foot of the Tiburtini Mountains.
The Villa is one of the most notable remaining examples of an imperial and dynastic palace which, with the opening of the Maritime Theater, found new splendor after 3 years of restoration.