EUR Tour

Duration: 3 hours

The Eur district has a troubled history behind it which, in any case, makes it unique.

It was commissioned by Mussolini in 1935 as the new urban and architectural complex of the city of Rome to celebrate 20 years of the march on Rome and, above all, for the European Universal Exposition of 1942, canceled due to the war.

The Eur, which takes its name from the international event (Roman Universal Exhibition), should have been the flagship of the fascist regime all over the world: the maximum celebration of urban and architectural rationalism and, above all, of the Roman Empire.

The neighborhood strongly refers to the forms of the classical era, with large white buildings full of columns and marble statues.

In the years to come, the neighborhood experienced moments of ups and downs … but in the end it came to us in its final form, becoming one of the most characteristic and undervalued areas of Rome.