Florence between art and chic-nic

Florence between art and chic-nic

The cool hills of the Florentine countryside, among rows of cypresses and vines, are the ideal setting for a romantic getaway or a reunion with friends in the name of art and food and wine.

Florence: an enchanting city that never ceases to amaze, with its timeless masterpieces, the coloured marble of its churches and the architecture that recalls its splendour and the role it played in the development of Renaissance culture and art.

The Tuscan capital, which as Stendhal wrote possesses a “subtle charm”, preserves a historical and artistic heritage known throughout the world and its historic centre is a living archive of Italian and European culture; this is why Florence was one of the very first sites to be inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1982.

An ideal destination for an autumn weekend, to be spent strolling along the Lungarno, browsing in the shops of the Ponte Vecchio, inebriating yourself with the wonders of the Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia Gallery and taking advantage of a trip “out of town”.

Florence is also its countryside of unique landscapes, where you can enjoy the best wines in the world.

What could be better than a visit with a private art historian to the Uffizi Galleries or the Accademia Gallery with an exclusive lunch in a Medici Villa, among breathtaking views and the excellence of Tuscan food and wine? Are you already dreaming of your chic-nic?



Florence between art and chic-nic