National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia

Duration: 2 hours

With our specialised guide you will visit the National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia, the most important Etruscan Museum of Italy, housed in the Villa Giulia since 1889.The Villa was built for the Pope Julius III between 1550 and 1555 as a “Villa Suburbana” and a place of repose.Julius III, a highly connoisseur of the arts, assigned the construction of the building to the most important architects and artists of that time such as Michelangelo, Giorgio Vasari, Bartolomeo Ammannati (who designed the marvellous nymphaeum and other garden structures), Vignola and Taddeo Zuccari. Villa Giulia was one of the most delicate examples of Mannerist architecture.

Once inside the Villa you will admire the collections of the Pre-Roman antiquities of Latium, southern Etruria and Umbria belonging to the Etruscan civilizations.

The material is exhibited in the criteria topographic and includes objects discovered in the area of Vulci, Veio, Cerveteri, Pyrgi, Bolsena, Castro.

Here you can see the famous Sarcophagus of the Bridal Couple (Sarcofago degli Sposi), the Etruscan Phoenician Pyrgi Tablets, the Apollo of Veii, the Cista Ficoroni.