Rione monti 2

Monti district and its artisans

During this itinerary you will visit the workshops of the goldsmiths Maria Greca, Roberta Roselli and Gentileschi Creazione Gioielli.

Maria Greca –Via dei Quattro Cantoni, 39/A

“Maria Greca” workshop was established in 1980 from Riccardo Baffigo and his wife Maria Greca’s passion for gemstones. Stemming from project experimentation and from a constant research on shapes and materials, the workshop’s collections have met the approval of major names in fashion since the eighties. Today the workshop is managed by Roberto and Domitilla, Riccardo and Maria’s son and daughter, and it still carries on the family’s original creative process, as the research of innovative materials such as leather and precious wood continues: more specifically, “Maria Greca” creations are the result of juxtaposing traditional and contemporary materials, such as diamonds and carbon fiber, or galuchat leather and titanium. Creativity and constant search for new technologies, along with expert artisan know-how, are the distinctive traits of the workshop, whose experimental creations contribute to drive further the interpretation and wearability of Italian jewellery.

Gentileschi Creazione Gioielli –Via Baccina, 38 B/C
Founded by Mario Gentileschi in 1965, “Gentileschi Creazione Gioielli” workshop has been a reference point in Rome for over fifty years in goldsmith supplies and services. The workshop was opened to provide the Roman market with top-quality artisan creations, and today it offers all main goldsmith services. Each piece is hand-crafted at the workshop using both traditional and new
techniques, in compliance with the strictest standards. Since the 90s the establishment has been managed by Mario Gentileschi’s son and daughter, Fabrizio and Sabrina, actively leading the workshop towards the Italian and international market, while still carrying on the traditional aspect of the trade. At the workshop, unique customs jewels can be made to order, gemstones can be appraised and certified and vintage artifacts can be repaired and restored.

Argentia di Roberta Roselli –Via dei Quattro Cantoni, 39/A

Roberta Roselli boasts thirty years of experience: she was trained by several renowned masters at various artisan workshops. After completing different studies on goldmaking and gemstones, in 2002 she opened her “Argentia” workshop in central Rome. All her jewels, inspired to natural shapes ranging from classic to contemporary, are unique creations made in pure silver, bronze and gold, using “lost wax”, chiseling, repoussé and engraving techniques. Her creations feature precious metals and precious to semi-precious stones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, aquamarines, tourmalines and quartzes.
At the “Argentia” workshop, bespoke jewellery can be made to order, and vintage jewellery is restored and repaired. Also, Roberta Roselli creates special products for stage sets: all “Argentia” creations, authentic works of art, are made at the Rome workshop.

After admiring the creations of these masters and walking through the streets of the Monti district, the oldest neighborhood in Rome, a highly specialized art historian will accompany you to the Basilica of San Pietro in Vincoli where one of the greatest masterpieces of the Italian art, Michelangelo’s Moses, an example of great skill and incomparable beauty.