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Street art a Rome: Tor Marancia & Garbatella

Duration: 3 hours

Rome does not end and will probably never cease to surprise with its beauty. In the Eternal City there is not only a splendid historical center – famous in every corner of the earth – but also a marvelous and less known “historical periphery”, still to be discovered and explored. In fact, over the past hundred years, public housing has managed to create some urban planning masterpieces. Among them, without a doubt, the Garbatella district. It is a sort of picturesque “garden city” that leaves any visitor spellbound; where nature, history and architecture blend perfectly … so much that it seems to live in a fairy tale!

Recently in the almost unreal context of Garbatella and above all in the nearby Tor Marancia district, numerous murals have also found a home linked to the phenomenon of “street art”, one of the most interesting forms of contemporary art. These paintings of various types – figurative and abstract – were made by artists from all over the world and compete to transform the walls of Rome into a large canvas. Their number and size are surprising: the murals are dozens and are as big as houses and buildings. Sometimes they are grouped together, in other cases they are where you least expect them. Evidently art always calls new art and just as in the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque, artists continue to be inspired by this city. We invite you to discover with us the new color of Rome.