About us

The Key to Rome was created with the idea of offering you a personal key to Rome so you can visit and get to know Rome’s vast cultural heritage in a comfortable and relaxed way.

Our expert guides, specialized in Art History and Archaeology, will introduce you to Rome’s most famous and beautiful locations.

In the last few years The Key to Rome has also created a network of specialized guides all over Italy who can offer you exclusive guided tours of the most important Italian Cities of Art (Milan, Venice, Florence and Tuscany, Naples and Sicily).

The Key to Rome offers individual or group guided tours in different languages as well as specialized theme itineraries of your choice. Furthermore we can organize business lunches, meetings, congresses and gala evenings in Rome’s most beautiful and historical museums, galleries and villas.

You can book your guided tour through our on-line catalogue where you will find all the information and details of each museum, monument and gallery. Please enjoy our web-site (www.thekeytorome.it) where you can choose from our special theme itineraries, tours and fees.


I was born in the historic center of Rome and its monuments, squares, alleys and churches are the places that have seen me grow. Over time, my love for the Eternal City has become so great that I felt the need to share my passion with others and to graduate in Art History.

My studies have allowed me to acquire the cultural background that supports the creation of our guided tours of the most fascinating and unusual places in the Capital. I love to travel and always look for niche experiences in every country I visit. That's why I created The Key to Rome, to offer the most demanding traveler unique visits and to open the door to the most hidden places of the Eternal City.

I conclude with a passage from Goethe's Journey to Italy that has inspired me so much in my adventure: "... only in Rome can one prepare to get to know Rome. ... an arduous and sad task is to bring ancient Rome out of the modern world; but this must be done, with the hope of finally having an inestimable satisfaction...".


Until High School, I was the most classic of the "nerds". When I think of my adolescence I see books, theaters and diaries written at night, under the blanket to show that I was asleep. I dreamed of faraway places, I filled my eyes with photos and documentaries...but my family didn't use to travel and certain thoughts remained only in my head.

When I was 18 years old, the first summer alone in London...I didn't stop there anymore. Europe, Asia, the Americas: dozens of trips first as a "back-packer" then looking for the precious detail, the unexpected emotion...only by traveling I am at peace with myself, only by living and knowing the adventure and the diversity of the World I feel alive! Wikipedia helps me: "Wanderlust indicates the desire to go elsewhere, to go beyond one's own world, to look for something else: a desire for exoticism, discovery and travel. It can reflect an intense desire for personal self-development through the discovery of the unknown, facing unexpected challenges and knowing unknown cultures and lifestyles". Exactly this!

The deep friendship with Isabella, founder of The key to Rome, did the rest...today my passion is at the service of our guests, in the hope that the emotion that guides me in my journeys can be yours too, through the creation of unique, unexpected and unforgettable experiences.