Capitoline Museums

Duration: 3 hours

The Capitoline Museums were the world’s first public museums in fact the first group of bronzes sculptures (the She-Wolf, the Spinario and other famous artworks) was given to the city by Pope Sixtus IV in 1471. Since then more additions have been made.

Our guide will take you through the Capitoline Museums starting with Palazzo Nuovo and then Palazzo dei Conservatori, the Tabularium and Palazzo Clementino Caffarelli.

In Palazzo Nuovo you will see many famous sculptures such as the Dying Galatian, the Capitoline Venus, the Red Faun as well as mosaics, bronze statues from the Hellenistic Age up until the Roman Age.

Then you will be taken to the Lapidaria Gallery and the Tabularium and you can enjoy the splendid view of Roman Forum from the terrace.

Next you will visit Palazzo dei Conservatori which houses rich Egyptian, Etruscan and Christian art collections and you can feast your eyes on this remarkable bronze statues: the She-Wolf, the Spinario, the Bruto Capitolino. You can also admire the beautifully decorated The Horatii and Curatii Room and the famous frescoes by Cavalier d’Arpino.

Then you will see the incredible original bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius which is displayed in the new Roman Garden in a large glass case.